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Nintendo fulfilled a dying man’s greatest desire: to get to try the new ”Zelda”-game play – Aftonbladet



Photo: Nintendo/Waypoint

Gabe, 26 years, died of a congenital heart defect. But before he died was his dream to reality – Nintendo let him try "Zelda: Breath of the Wild", before all others.

For most is games a fun pastime or a temporary escapism, but for others it can give life back. So it was in the case of the chronically ill Gabe Paul. To the VICEs of gamingsajt Waypoint tells the family of 26-see her bold fashion fight against a congenital heart defect which meant he had a single ventricle and a part in the middle of the heart that was missing. Usually, people have 100 % of oxygen in the blood, but during high school had Gabe 92 % then sharply plummeted over the years. In the final stage of his life, he was out of breath just sitting down.

because of his physical limitations could not Gabe move freely outdoors. Therefore, he took refuge in the world.

"Gaming was important because it gave so much happiness, pleasure and beauty. There were characters he loved, and the challenges that his very smart brain is needed. It was a distraction from the physical discomfort and pain.", says his mother to the Waypoint.

The games that he vurmade the most was "Zelda"-the adventures of the. Ever since the "Link’s Awakening" had the 26-year-old has been mesmerized by the animated world. Regardless of its poor condition, he wanted to visit the u.s. spelfestivalen PAX Prime last year – hoping to get to try out upcoming "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild". But Nintendo never showed up the demon at the event.



Photo: Nintendo

the Mother, therefore, began calling and sending letters to the company. She says that just the idea of being strong enough and continue to wrestle against the disease, in order to be able to play "Breath of the Wild," kept her son alive. Without any response from the Nintendo decided Gabe to take matters into their own hands. He put up a post on Reddit and explained his situation.

the Story spread like wildfire on the internet and Nintendo’s social media-responsible invited the family of Marcelo into his office in the Seattle. Where did Gabe try out an early version of the title at the same time as the studio’s employees gathered around him and cheered on.

"I could hear in his voice that he was filled with pure joy, something that had been more difficult to achieve when his condition has become worse.", says big brother, Jaime.

Two days after the japanese developers released the details surrounding its new console, the release date for the long awaited "Zelda"game and a new trailer – died Gabe Marcelo. The night before the 14th of January he had called in his mother to her room and asked her to check on the trailer. He had told her that "I’ll do it" and focused on that he wanted to survive until the launch.

Despite the deep sadness, the family can still see the light in the darkness. It is a special moment that her brother is looking forward to soon get to experience.

"Someone mentioned that when I play the 'Breath of the Wild', I will not be alone. Gabe is going to be my Navi and all the time lead me through the game. I really love the idea."


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